Red Carpet Celebrations

Red Carpet Celebrations Catwalk

Duration: 2 hours (larger parties of more than 20 have the option of more than 2 hours at no extra cost)

Cost: $29.00 on week-ends, or $26.00 week nights (per child)

Food Includes:

Each girl (or boy) will have their hair done in a very stylish or fun way which includes glitter/gel, coloured hair spray to top it off.

Birthday girl will have a tiara to wear for the day, boys a crown.

Birthday girl and her friends will have their nails painted, subtle eye shadow, lipstick and gloss.

We also use temporary tattoos which the kids love.

*Note: We use disposable cotton buds for every application.

Each child will then be able to choose from our extensive wardrobe of over 200 costumes (the birthday girl or boy will have their very own wardrobe to choose from).

They then prepare for the fun and excitement of our fashion parade set to music and catwalk finale where you (parent) are the adoring audience.

At the conclusion of the fashion parade, we will cut the birthday cake, and then the children will move into our disco room to unwind and dance away to the latest music hits under disco lights and smoke machine.

The birthday girl or boy also receives a take home gift which is a T-Shirt signed and decorated by their friends.

Your child will also have her photo taken and placed on our “Wall of Fame” a beautiful 10” x 8” photo.

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